Lodge Icon Image Lodge #2485
2014-15 Elected Officers
Governor Ralph Whitman
Administrator Francis Kuhn Jr.
Junior Governor Fred Miller
Treasurer John Fay
Prelate Joseph Decosta
Trustee (1 Year) Steve Wilson
Trustee (2 Years) Joseph Souter
Trustee (3 Years) Michael Donnelly
Junior Past Governor Victor Garrard
Chapter Icon Image WOTM Chapter #2218
2014-15 Elected Officers
Senior Regent Margaret Masciulli
Chaplain Judith Frost
Junior Graduate Regent Bernadette McDonnell
Secretary/Treasurer Stacey Carroll
Recorder Francine Diamond
Application Review Commmittee Jackie Kelly
Star Recorder Sue Lincoln
College of Regents Irene Thomas
Health Awareness Janel McGuire
Moose Charities Diane Sanford
Publicity Suzanne Carlson
Membership/Retention Cate Decosta
Guide Dorothy Rice
Family Involvement Claire Power
Assistant Guide Judy Crawford
Youth Involvement Frances Whitman
Academy of Friendship Jeanne Hogan
Audit Suzanne Carlson
Mooseheart/Moosehaven Rhonda Meleedy
Educational Advancement Gayle Kirk
Community Service Lisa Bethune
Governor History
Victor Garrard 2013-14
Victor Garrard 2012-13
Ray Manning 2011-12
Frederic Sanford 2010-11
James Weeks 2010-11
Kenneth Fountain 2009-10
Mr.Kenneth Miller II 2008-09
Mr.Kenneth Miller II 2007-08
Ray Tompkins 2006-07
Ray Tompkins 2005-06
Charles Sampson 2004-05
Charles Sampson 2003-04
James Weeks 2002-03
Michael Blanchard 2001-02
Barry Wood 2000-01
Barry Wood 1999-00
Frank Paoluccio 1999-00
Robert Connors 1998-99
Anthony Perry 1998-99
Anthony Perry 1997-98
Senior Regent History
Bernadette McDonnell 2013-14
Stacey Carroll 2013-14
Sue Lincoln 2012-13
Robin Manning 2011-12
Irene Thomas 2010-11
Cate Decosta 2009-10
Cate Decosta 2008-09
Kelly Armstrong 2008-09
Bethann Ebeling 2006-07
Theresa McGuire 2003-04
Irene Hanson 2002-03
Barbara Porter 2001-02